Tuesday, November 22, 2011

happy birthday mr. principal?

today was my principal's birthday. he is quite possibly the skinniest man i have ever seen in my life. at about 5 feet 3 inches, he is easily 65 years old. and today we had cake in the school office. i was eating my cake with chop sticks minding my own business when the vice principal, a kinder version of cruela deville, stood up and said in perfect english, "we will now listen to kylie teacher sing the birthday song."

my jaw dropped. cake crumbled out. i may have peed my pants.

okay, okay, this is a mild overreaction, but if you know me at all you know that i hate singing. i only sing when the music playing drowns out my voice and even i don't have to listen to my off key beyonce impersonations.

but of course i responded like a boss and stood up, spread my arms and sang in my most beautiful voice the birthday song. (it was nothing like the kingsbury/armstrong/baucom version, thank goodness) and i must say considering i know all the words to happy birthday (compared to my embarrassing rendition of holy holy seen here. ) it was okay.

- i don't actually know my principal's name, because i only ever nod and say an-yay-hah-say-yo. i panicked when i got to the part in the song where you slip in the birthday boy's name and used "mr. principal." lame right? i know. but i don't think anyone picked up on it.
-mr. principal said my singing was better than the cake. sneaky old lady killer. :)

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