Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bahston baby.

 cheesball bff photo seshs. subway trips. JFK fancy pants tours. glorious people watching. twin bed sleeping. ice cream eating. green apple licorice inhaling. ship yard walks. sassy senior photoshoots. leaf peeping. THE CANNOLIS. oh, the cannolis. whatta weekend.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't mind me.

I'm a sucker for photo series. Below is one of my own and I don't even care if it's something as cliche as a footstagram. I went to St. Louis a couple of weeks ago and couldn't pass up on an opportunity to visit City Museum. (even if it meant ditching out on a conference session.) It's heaven on earth for a lover of details, craftiness, mosaics, creativity, imagination, slides, and fun. If I had to write a list of my favorite places in the US, this place would be in my top ten. It is thaaaaaat cool. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dumb. Stupid. Crazy.

 My Grandpa and Pops came to visit me in the glorious desert oasis of Aztec, New Mexico. We ate at every restaurant within a 20 mile radius. Bill tried Thai food for the first time. I tried to get him to try my tofu and he promptly responded that he'd rather go to Subway. We bought 20 dollars worth of cookies at my favorite bakery.  My grandpa made me laugh so hard and so often that I started writing the hilarious things he said down. My favorite one perfectly describes him and my dad perfectly. After days of spending 24/7 together, he made this observation about my dad. "Dumb. Stupid. Crazy. He can't say those words without adding ass at the end." Soooooooooooo ridiculously true. We saw mountains and deserts and couldn't decide which was more beautiful. We hit casinos at least twice a day and at every opportunity. I won $14 on my grandpa's favorite "Sex and The City" penny machine. I caught up with my dad and we discussed life. They humored me and my self-timered-family-photos. It was glorious.