Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sneaking on in.

New Mexico landscape is growing on me. Maybe be because I constantly feel like I should be in a John Wayne movie. On top of a horse wearing leather lace up boots and a prairie dress, riding off into the horizon chasing after the rival indian tribe that kidnapped my first born son for revenge. All the while waving around my rifle, giving warning shots to the heavens. If only real life was actually like "The Searchers".

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

mountain escape.

What a drama queen right? I've lived in the desert for an entire week and a half and am already going through withdrawals of green, and mountains, and cooler breezes. My getaway was planned. I would drive up to Durango, CO and bike the Animas River Trail. Enjoy the scenery (mountain men and trees), and explore the area. What wasn't planned was locking my keys in my truck in a Walmart parking lot. Which posed multiple problems because my bike lock key was on the same ring. So I couldn't get into my truck, and I couldn't leave my bike. After trying to break into my own truck, with a  select few tools (a quarter, a pen, and my spaghetti arm muscles). I finally gave up and went into Walmart in search of some help. I only received a few dozen freaky looks trolling around the crowded  with my hair uhmess and my bike in tow. I was then promptly helped by a man that swore he'd never broken into anyone's car illegally, but just happened to know all the tricks of breaking into one. He recommended that I go and buy a knife and a wire hanger conveniently located just a minute walk away. While perusing the Walmart knife selection, my mom saved the day again and told me that she had called a locksmith to come and let me into the truck. I reluctantly left the sporting goods section and waited at my truck for my locksmith to come, which just so happened to be a ma, and pa, and son business ran out of a suburban. Lucky day.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I can feel something brewing. I went thrifting on Saturday and came home with 3 vintage skirts, five books, a comfy chair for my front room, a painting, and two belts. And I only spent $22.00!! And now all I want to do is go find some more gems. I better starting watching Hoarders online to keep this budding hobby in check.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do this. RIGHT NOW! And then send me all your best so I can laugh for hours.

So I happened upon this WONDERFUL website. And then promptly spent the last hour and a half taking a million photos of myself. Between a couple I even had to take a minute breather, I was laughing so hard. And then, after looking at them long enough, they all started to look related. Thug families. KYLIE THUG FAMILIES! THESE COULD BE WHAT MY CHILDREN LOOK LIKE! ......I may want to rethink some things....

 Momma, Poppa, son and daughter. CLASSY.

  Estranged twins.

I don't look terrible as a man. I always knew I was meant to have facial hair....


 AAAAND, my personal favorite:
Myself reincarnated as a terrified black woman named Georgia. In her 50s. And wearing a polka dotted fancy coat.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FamBam Shenanigans.

It's expected to be a little nuts when you combine 4 families, two generations and 16 people in one house on a secluded island. Leave it to my family to exceed all reasonable expectations and turn a regular ole family reunion into a crazy/outrageous/hilarious episode of families gone wild. Impromptu zumba seshes on the side of the road, taking a million trips to the country store, finding and then hijacking hidden canoes, reaping havoc at country clubs, perfecting stunts on a zip line, and chunky dunks dedicated to R Kelly are just samples of the shenanigans my family is capable of.