Sunday, November 27, 2011

chanksgiving weekend.

thanksgiving = good food and good company.
and this is my korean take a few days late.

a couple friends and i rented a room in this pension "by the ocean" 
(which really means a 20 minute walk) for saturday night. 

foods came from costco. all sorts of american novelties present included PUMPKIN PIE, apple pie, potatoes and gravy, apple cider, and fresh roasted chicken and ham. it was quite the experience cooking food for 7 with one stove top and two baby toaster ovens. but it worked! the food was delicious.  

the group: anthony and albert from california, jamie from alaska, alison from south africa and courtney from texas. total band photo right?

while we were walking to the beach, i spotted this lil gem from afar. ABANDONED AMUSEMENT PARK? hells yes. i convinced the gang to go explore the place. it's amazing how gutsy you get when you know you can just claim ignorance to get out of trouble.
 "hangul mal mutayoh" i can't speak korean and "molieoh" i don't know! ???
anyways, the only things keeping us out of the park were measly ropes closing off walkways. 
aka: they most likely would not mind us exploring. 

after countless movies with plot lines that involved zombies in amusement parks and groups of friends getting murdered in the country, we decided that this would most likely be our demise. we'd slowly disappear one by one until we were all abducted and murdered by the mysterious korean ahjuma that haunted the place. after losing to a game of nose goes, i was voted first to die. what a great mood setter right?

everything was very high tech. as you can see by this peptobismol control headquarters. 

there was also a haunted house with a zombie michael jackson on the outside. that had drapes for doors so of course we went inside. 

and apparently korean haunted houses consist of mannequins in clown costumes splattered with leftover paint in cages decorated with silk ivy wearing. HORRIFYING.

turned out to be a great weekend with lots of scum playing, settlers domination and so so so much laughing. what a way to spend the holiday. :)

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