Thursday, November 10, 2011

K-POP baby!!!!

k-pop = korean pop music. and it's pretty addictive/delicious. here are some of my favorites so far.

i love everything about this. their attitude, the beat. their style! and people really dress and act like this in seoul. ahhh!!! i swear this almost has a reggaeton/latin flavor. which makes me like it even more. side note: if i looked as good as top with cotton candy purple hair, i'd straight up leave my boring brown hairs in the dust.

2NE1 (pronounced 21) "I AM THE BEST"
these girls are so badass. nega che cah la gah = i am the best.  this song plays all over the place, from clubs to the family mart across the street from me. favorite part? 2:26. i need me that hairstyle. :) could you imagine the horns in purple!!!!??? ohmgeee. and every korean girl i know LOVES this song. i have seen multiple renditions of the dance moves during lunch break by the 6th grade girls. i also credit k-pop for making all my kids say "ohmygod." in that ridiculous voice, heard at 0:39.

does korea have the best music videos or what? i'd say hells yes.

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