Thursday, November 24, 2011

merry thanksgiving!!!

tis the season ladies and gentlemen.

even though i didn't have a grand ole party, or my grandma wana's sourdough rolls, or any pumpkin pie, i am following through on my favorite thanksgiving tradition (most usually performed in a line around the dinner table while munching on delicious foods) of saying some things i am thankful for.

in the order they came to my mind:

1. my life. i have so many good things to be grateful for. (see below)
2. my family. holy moly i loved em before i left, but i love them even more now.
3. my friends. i totally took for granted easy breezy relationships i had at home where conversation and adventure were easy.
4. crystal light. the easiest and most delicious thing to remind me of home and so many sweet memories.
5. love notes. all the emails and messages that friends and family have sent me full of support and encouragement. these are my daily pickmeups.
6. school lunches. i get a hot meal everyday and get to enjoy it with my kiddies.
7. my moleskine of memories and my camera. without them i would be lost and would remember nothing.
8. this american life. for making my copious amounts of free time enjoyable and educational.
9. npr's music program for giving me hours of dance parties in my kitchen.
10. peanut m&ms. nuff said.
11. korea. for all the adventures, friends, good times, and self discoveries uncovered so far.

a giant, big, enormous, ridiculously huge, gigantic thank you to my ma and pops, my brothers, all my cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents, my friends from home, and my friends from abroad for being so much sunshine in my life.

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