Monday, November 14, 2011

kylie "budding adrenaline junkie" kingsbury

 holy moly. bungee jumping is fantastic. let's just start the story by saying that immediately afterwards i was considering buying another ticket and doing it again right away. i enjoyed it that much. here's the play-by-play:

(travelled about 8 hrs to get to the WORLD FAMOUS, okay, not world famous, but definitely korean famous bungee jumping land. fun fact: with a 62m drop, it's the biggest bungee jump in korea. this i was not particularly interested in. what excited me more was that it only cost 30,000 won ($30). let me just tell you. being a budding adrenaline junkie and a cheap ass is not easy or common. but anyways, my friend susan and i both really wanted to try it out so we convinced a group of friends to come along.)

(at the bottom, i was thinking, oh gosh, that platform doesn't look very high. i wish it was taller. more exciting that way. elevator to the top, i start double taking. )

(at this point i was wishing i had peed before coming up. there's something about heights that tests my bladder control. ah. ah. ah. )

(once i got to the edge, i was stoked. and a little upset that i couldn't get a couple step head start and leap into the air. swan dive style. but no, i had to stand right on the edge. first try jumping, i tried to get good liftoff and the korean man grabbed my harness. "no! no! hands up" apparently this approach wasn't okay. but i must say, that moment where i was mentally and half physically jumping, but was then pulled back, the moment when i started to think i was going to fall 62m instead of jumping 62m was so so so much more terrifying than the jump itself.)

( all the other ladies i went with had to be pushed off the platform. i take full pride in jumping all by myself. i was talking to another english teacher today at work and told him about my bungee jumping glory. he said that he most definitely would have to be pushed off too. and that jumping would go against all human instinct and is totally abnormal. apparently i am some sort of mutant. )

(I'm real glad i never wanted to be an olympic diver. i have terrible form.)

(slightly more graceful)

( when i was just hanging at the bottom waiting for the rowboat to come and get me, i was so pumped i started wiggling around trying to swing around getting my moneys worth, yah know? well the man got a bit upset and said i needed to calm down if i ever wanted to get off. i contemplated making a scene and avoiding the boat, but the blood rushing to my head called trump.)

(these were the guys that were running the place. slightly terrifying that boys who were younger than i am had my life in their hands, but whatcanyahdo? secret love for the kid in the hat. he was such a hamball. he told be in his best english that he was an olympic athlete and a comedian. precious right? and most certainly a lie.)

(i asked him to take our picture and this is what he gave me. 100% what chandler would be doing if he worked at an amusement park. seducing the ladies with his goofball charm. )
(kinda like when he sneaks into my bed and takes pictures of himself)

(the group. iowa, iowa, idaho, alaska, michigan, canada, and texas)  


  1. oh mai!! i can always trust you to point out some hotties!!!