Monday, September 26, 2016


had the best roadtrip buddy last time i drove through monument valley. he kept saying yes everytime i asked if he wanted to pull over and take some photos. #dadjoke

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The old Kylie

Ask any of my friends circa 2000, my brothers or any of cousins and they will tell you I convinced (coerced) them to participate in any number of "activities." I made them perform video skits, design modge podge magazines, choreograph roller skate routines, test out make-up tutorials, and a perform a seriously endless list of runway shows. I was a monster with a plan and a knack for bossing people around (thanks ma). I had big ideas and just knew that they would have fun once they stopped grumbling and stepped in line! Fast forward to 2016 and apparently I haven't lost that skill. I've decided that life is better when I stick with these flashes of creative genius. PLAN: follow through on at least every third idea.

My last great idea was to take advantage of another captive audience (aka: my family visiting a cabin in the woods without wifi) and grab these gems.