Friday, November 18, 2011

screw clubbing, screw going out on the town. it's friday night and all i want is a sandwich.

ma and pops i love yah, but sandwiches are the number one thing i miss from home. like desperately. you may think that i googled these photos just for this post. but no. i have been collecting them over time. aka: add this to the laundry list of new crazy kylieisms. (1. dancing in elevators 2. talking to myself  3. color coordinating my clothes dryer 4. collecting photos of sammies.) 

my only defense is that sometimes if you look at a pictures long enough and and focus hard enough, you can kinda, maybe sometimes taste the mayonnaise, feel the crunch of the toasted sourdough, detect the juice of a ripe tomato, and the favor of some sharp cheddar and provolone. my drool alone could water all the potted plants from here to china. 

my weak attempt at defending my crazy is futile, the last nail in my coffin. kylie is a freak. (AND I'm talking about my self in the third person!! help meeeeee)

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