Wednesday, September 28, 2011


other highlights of the night: principal stands up during dinner and asks me to sing the roly poly song. in front of everyone.
first off, i hate singing. second, what the haaale is the roly poly song? he clearly states that it is an american song and his favorite. i say that i have never heard of that song. is he sure that it is an american song? second grade teacher speaks up and says that it is actually called the holy holy song. they argue. then the principal decides the best way to fix the situation is to sing the song himself. he mumbles words that are definitely not english and i get an idea. I'm thinking that he is meaning glory glory, hallelujah. not roly poly or holy holy. just somewhere in between. i say, oh it's called glory glory!! excited that i understood what he meant. bad idea. he makes me stand up in front of everyone and sing. it would be horribly rude of me to say no, so i sing what i know. i can feel myself blushing when all the other teachers start clapping and hooraying. so embarrassing.

principal: korean blah blah blah
han teacher (translating): he wants to know how you are so pretty.
kylie: cam sam ni dah. (thank you)
principal: korean blah blah blah
han teacher: he wants to know why you are so pretty.
kylie: smile.
principal: exact wording: i want you to my children love with passion. tomorrow i watch class
kylie: aww, he is just trying to butter me up before, BAM! principal observation. sneaky old man.

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  1. Battle Hymn of the Republic AKA The Roly Poly Song. Heh heh heh.