Thursday, April 26, 2012

mama luwanas FIFFFFFFTY!

Last weekend, my ma had her 50th birthday party! Whoop whoop! It was hawaiian themed and therefore had some badass bbq, legit hawaiian dancers, AND a PINATA!!! It was fantastic seeing the fam and celebrating my mom. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

wannabe tiger lady.

So before I left Korea, I started a list of things that needed to be accomplished. It included swimming in the ocean, getting a henna tattoo, riding an elephant, etc. The list was long, but in the number one slot was  playing with a tiger. I collected pictures on my desktop of other lucky people playing with them, researched the best sanctuaries, basically just daydreamed all day long about how fun it would be. "Are their mannerisms more like dogs or cats?" "What do they smell like?" "Could I die?" "How much would i be willing to pay to keep one for ONE WHOLE day?" It went on and on.  Sadly, making it to a tiger sanctuary never worked out, so you can imagine my excitement when I found a replacement hidden within a national park in India.  ALMOST as good as the real thing.

You know it's cold when a girl uses her quick dry towel as a shawl. Poor climate planning on my part. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

wonder of the world: taj mahal.

and guys, it is even more gorgeous in real life.

cass and i got so hooked on taking photos that our indian guide finally resorted to telling us that we had enough pictures. seriously. we took that into consideration and promptly forgot it. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

curry heaven.

these are literally the only photos i have from india involving food. and one wasn't even taken by me. i had a running total of my food photos in mind the entire trip. i'd never tasted food so good and i needed to document it. i'd prep myself while waiting for it to be served trying so hard to remember to just take one stinkin photo. but all sensory hell broke loose every time i'd smell or taste that first bite and taking pictures fell 50 steps behind getting that paneer masala into my mouth as fast as possible. now i look back and laugh because even the plate scrapped clean makes my mouth water. 

it's embarrassing how much cass and i fell in love with indian breads. naan, roti, chapati. all of it. everybody else at the table would get two. maybe. if they were feeling hungry. aw hale no. we threw all care of fit figures and social acceptedness to the wind and ordered 8. 

listened to the glorious advice of my lady susan and ordered fruity lassis at every opportunity.