Sunday, May 13, 2018

minor mishap

       One of those minor deviations from schedule happened one afternoon when we visited a temple along the southern coast of Bali. We were minding our own business, enjoying the scenery and fresh salty air. Of course, there were monkeys everywhere. I was worried about disease spread. EBOLA! YELLOW FEVER! MONKEYPOX, FOR GOODNESS SAKES! (Thanks PHLT156 Infectious Disease) I told my Mom and Laura over and over about we could not touch ANY monkeys. I was worried, but I figured if we didn't bother them, the wouldn't bother us.
       There's where I went wrong. I was standing a few feet away from my mom who was sitting on a bench. I noticed a monkey sauntering towards us and observed him with mild curiosity. The next few seconds happened in a blur. He jumped up behind my mom, reached around her face and grabbed her glasses. Before I could even believe what was happening, he was galloping away, glasses secured firmly in his mouth. My mostly blind mother immediately freaked out.
        I threw all caution to the wind and started running after that monkey. My mind was racing a mile a minute: monkey diseases! that little shit! I HAVE TO GET THOSE GLASSES!! I quickly came to terms that I when I caught up with that monkey, I would have to wrestle him down and pry the damn glasses from his fierce grip. Misson accepted. (true daughterly love at its best). But right as I was entering the jungle, about to real-life Lara Croft that monkey, a man started yelling in Balinese and threw a bag of crackers at my monkey. The monkey smirked, dropped the glasses and ran away with his ransom. I quickly ran, grabbed my mom's chewed up glasses and hugged the sweet man that saved my mother and our entire trip.
      It took a solid twenty minutes for the three of us to relax, recover and realize that shit could have really hit the fan if we hadn't gotten those glasses back. Only two days into our two-week trip and my mom would be forced to wear her only backup option: prescription snorkeling goggles. The thought of Marie Kingsbury walking around town, wandering the markets, and chowing down on nasi goreng all while wearing her goggles was enough to cheer us all up.

Disclaimer: monkeys photographed below were not the glasses disaster culprit.

Friday, May 11, 2018


We really had the best time. The food was amazing (like seriously, we ate SO WELL), the people were kind, and we only had few minor mishaps. All three being essentials for a memorable adventure abroad. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


i worked real hard to convince my mom and laura that bali would be a good idea. jk,jk. it took nothing. literally one sentence. "it's beautiful and everything smells good." so glad i had two besties to explore the island with. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Seoraksan, My Forever Korean Love

6 long years later and I made it back to my favorite mountain. I was happy to see that not much had changed and that Koreans were still fashionably hiking in rainbow outfits.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Day with Jae

Life's little treasures aren't lost on me. What are the chances that thousands of miles away from home you run into a friend on the streets of Seoul? SO SMALL IT'S STUPID!! To celebrate this wondrous occasion we made friendship rings, ate street food and took cheesy photos of each other.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cute Little Snapshots from City-wide Protests & The Aftermath of An Impeached President

My friends at school and I had signed documents promising that we wouldn't participate in political gatherings or put ourselves at risk as foreigners in urban areas. Yeah, yeah, but when you're only an hour away from a country uprising and the impeachment of the president, does it really make sense to sit at home and watch it on tv? We didn't think so either.

The two sides of the aisle were divided by police blockades and more military personnel then I've ever seen in my life. Earlier in the week during the protests, a pro-Park rallier died during the protest which really heightened security. The left and right each had entirely different vibes and demographics. Democracy in action is always a sight to behold and a great opportunity to take some photos.