Monday, November 7, 2011

when left by myself too long....

 i am turning OCD. i was doing laundry and subconsciously had the urge to organize by color. each piece had to be in their. exact. spot. i have a cousin named jade, who used to be obsessed with the cabinets in our grandma's kitchen. it's a giant kitchen with a ton of brown cabinets. at least 14. and that's only on the west wall. anyways, it would drive her crazy if one was left open. they all had to be closed. at all times. i thought she was just being dramatic and so one night when we were sleeping in the front room that is connected to the kitchen, after we had all gone to sleep, i woke up and quietly went and opened all the cabinets in the kitchen. every. single. one. and i was so proud. "heh heh" laughing while creeping back to my bed on the couch. this was totally gonna freak her out!! so i went back to sleep and woke up again about an hour or two later and groggily looked over at the kitchen to admire my handiwork, AND JADE HAD ALREADY CLOSED THEM!!! i was flabbergasted. and upset that i didn't get to see her face when she saw the kitchen disaster. so now on her 21st burfday, i'd like to apologize for making fun of her peculiarities because i have now developed some of my own.


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