Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"Hi~ Kylie!
I'm Kyoung Eun Han. Just call me Han teacher or something you want.
Nice to meet you.
I heard about you last week. I look forward to see you too.
Our school is very small so there are six classes and only 53 students. 
It's near Sok-cho and the sea. Do you like the sea?
My hometown is Chun-cheon but I have worked here since 2008.
I like the sea and a mountain here.^^
I'm very happy to hear you love kids!
If you have questions, let me know. 
See you soon~"

(not gonna lie, im totally hearing jack white singing in my ear "i can tell that we are gonna be friends.")
so, so excited.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nudie spa!!!!!!!

Another first to write in my diary. :) so this weekend I stayed at a jeejimbang ( my totally butchered phonetically spelled interpretation of the real Korean word) with my lady Susan. Five floors, hot and cold rooms, salt rooms, oak rooms, saunas and group showers just make up a small portion of the Korean nudie spa experience.

Considering I went to the nudie beach in Hawaii, I thought I would be throughly prepared for the Korean indoor version. One similarity: avoiding eye contact is always the best option. One difference: the only nudie bodies I saw in korea were old ladies.

If you noted my sweet pink shorts in the picture, I got them complementary to wear with a matching 2XL pink shirt. I felt like I was incarcerated in a really really nice prison. Lindsay lohan style. And that weird chair I'm siting on? Oh, no big deal, it's just a Korean reclining massaging leather seat. BIG SPENDER right??? Not really, cause i only paid 8,000 won!!!! ($8)

Overall: big nudie success.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Korea Goal Numba One:

Find the best graphic shirt, ideally with a hilarious caption or photo. Some of the best I've seen so far include shirts that say "Drunken" on the front and have pictures of Johnny Depp covered in glitter. This hoe one ain't bad either. :)

Bitch puhlease. aka: looks like I'm not making guacamole anytime soon. :(

Avocados here are 3,980 won. Which is about 4 dollars apiece!!!!! No avocados for 6 months???? I may need to reevaluate my cheap-ass-ness.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yeah, those would be man eating socks...

Seoul, south korea

Seoul, south korea

2nd largest metropolitan city

Went to Seoul for the weekend. Was pretty sweet/ immensely huge and sardine packed with other humans. Ate some delicious smoked duck, collected some graffiti photos, danced at some fancy clubs and ate some deeelicious tacos. Hell of a good weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Homeplus: classy/badass Walmart

Went to homeplus with Susan last night. It was uhmazing. We took the taxi through jochiwon and stopped at a four floor building. K-pop music was blasting and I was immediately in love. Every. Single. Thing. Was over the top adorable. And what wasn't crazy Korean/asian characters or cutesy animals was beautiful design. The packaging on everything from milk to nail clippers was so damn good looking. I bet Susan was dying cause I kept stopping and looking at everything. I also bought a huge ass bag of can-cho. ( my favorite new sweet. Cookies with chocolate insides!!!!) 

Also had my first true blue interaction with a true blue Korean. I was trying to find the curling irons and couldn't find them for the life of me. I worked up the guys and asked a cute old lady that worked there. "awwdee" (where) and then pretended to curl my hair. It took a couple of tries but we actually figured each other out and it was great! One down twenty thousand to go. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

the two korean phrases i know:

thank you 
can i take your picture?


susan, my lovely roommate, is snoring up a storm over here. and for a couple of seconds, she was snoring to the beat of vampire weekend. diplomat's son is most probably her favorite song.....

explored seoul today in the pouring rain. some girls told me it was acid rain. super exciting. i tasted some though and couldn't tell the difference between idaho rain and korean rain. it must all be a lie!!

also ate my first true blue korean food!!! which is totally true except for the fact that it was actually a japanese restaurant. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

new roomie and dorm!

sunday hike.

went on a hike with some kids from across the world.
saw the city, lots of trees and some sunflowers!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not gonna lie. all the green is incredibly reassuring.

view from my window. for the first month we are staying in the korea university dorms. they are definitely a step up from carleson hall.  (sorry ari. )

Asiana Airlines= the shit.

I have never been on a fancier airplane. and it started getting so ridiculous i began taking notes. Here is everything they offered me:

1. hot towel for my hands
2. slippers
3. blanket
4. pillow
5. menu for two meals
6. 4 peanut snacks
7. unlimited sodas
8. red and white wine
9. orange juice
10. two meals
11. advil for my headache

every five minutes some adorable korean lady would walk by with a tray asking if anyone wanted drinks, snacks, etc. 

i tried being adventurous and picked the korean meal offered. it had kimchi!! kinda wierd...... but okay. :)

Now, even cooler than the food, there was a touch screen movie/music player. i watched a korean movie and the translation was quite funny. ( i was able to work as a top DJ here cuz of me hard tootin' efforts!)

5,000 miles and 11.5 hours = slightly painful, but totally worth it! im in south korea baby!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Thanks to everyone that has helped me on my way!!