Sunday, November 20, 2011

perfecting the art of being a tourist.

let me just say that this may well be my favorite picture taken in south korea so far. 
1. it makes me laugh every time i see it 
2. its not too often that a pose like this can maneuvered at historical sites
3. this will be the cover to my book/really long list of reasons ima nut
(some background: photo taken in the heart of seoul. the us embassy is to the right, theatre playing korean "annie" to the left, below is fake green turf, giant korean palace straight ahead and giant statue of Yi Sun Shin, korean warrior who conquered japan in 1500s is right behind that image of poise in the brown.)

i went to seoul this weekend with my ladies and spent all day sunday doing touristy things. which is a real nice break from trying to be a fancy korean in goseong. 

it was full of:

epic jump shots!
really low ceilings. 
some wildlife.

and the only intercity buddhist temple in seoul!!!

there was apparently some sort of holiday or festival going on in the city (note the giant collection of flowers), but of course we had no idea what it was. things like this happen a lot. especially in sokcho (my big sister city). parties or parades will be going on and i get really confused but quickly very excited because it means extra street food. 

miss jordyn 

delicious pancake bites with red bean goop. SOOO tasty. and five fo only a dollah!!

just to add to the day of touristy adventure, jamie and i wore matching outfits. we are so cute.

prognosis: mini disasters left and right (losing my metro card twice and having to buy new ones, stepping in an ogre size wad of gum, ridiculously cold weather with speedy mcgee winds, trying to convert inches to centimeters to women's shoes to men's shoes with koreans and calculators, 3 day old stale waffles strong enough to crack molars, and oh yeah,  fake jimjibangs) were not enough to dampen a weekend of delicious food and good company. 

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