Thursday, November 3, 2011

old foggie heaven

ahhh, if nothing else, trips to seoul are always popping up with weird oddities of places i could stay for hours. prime example: was walking in seoul last weekend and passed by a park. and holy moly i was excited. you literally never see parks here. in all of korea. notta one. well except for the national parks, but I'm talking about municipal parks. julia davis, ann morrison, sugarhouse, etc. so i see this park and i freak. we bee line it to the trees and i see this giant group of men all wearing grays and blacks. i initially think they are all homeless. maybe there are fire pits and they're warming their hands? or a soup line? I'm mean, what could they all be doing just standing around in a park? we creeped a bit closer and discovered an old man korean checker playing ring!!!  i most definitely took this opportunity to creep some photos and romance some old cuties with my pre-primer korean into showing me the ropes. 

i was continually thinking about my own grandpas when at the park. definitely on the same page as bill with the khakis and tennies. and old hanyak sensibilities from mark. 

i would just like to mention that all of these were taken from the hip, without them even knowing i was taking a picture! these are genuine "oh, what a ridiculous/hilarious foreigner girl. she's trying to make jokes/ i guess i'll take some pity on her" smiles and laughs. 

what a HIP grandpa!!! not only working the pose, but check out the style. THREE different stripes. and ALL vertical! makin moves baby baby!!

it may look like "korean checkers" is just a giant mess of junior mints, and it essentially is. when asked if they could explain the game, one old guy said that foreigner brains couldn't ever master the game. apparently it's too complicated for us waygooks. 

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