Monday, November 21, 2011

korean greyhounds.

i have a dream of taking a greyhound from idaho to georgia. most think it's nuts, but i find it romantic. regardless of my opinion or your opinion on the issue, i think we can both agree 26 hours is a longass ride. as preparation i have been riding the korean buses like crazy. it's a fairly common thing for koreans and a lifesaver for foreigners. i take one usually once a week. the buses themselves range from completely pimped out with color coordinated curtains and carpet, flat screen tvs, and neon lights with plush uber-comfortable seats to better than average american buses. put simply, they are fantastic. 

coming back from seoul this weekend was a different story. i was minding my own business, listening to a this american life podcast, when the bus driver took a corner way, way too fast. you know those tight turns were you body immediately tenses up as if preparing for a barrel roll the length of a football field? yeah, well thats what i felt. it was pitch black outside and most people on the bus were sleeping. i relaxed and reasoned it was probably just a freak moment. not true. ten minutes later, the driver swerved/changed lanes to pass a slower car. i put on my seatbelt. another quick turn, more seatbelt clicks. holy hale. terrifying. 

on another note, one time i was legitimately the only passenger on the bus for a good chunk of time. felt like a pimp/taylor swift. 

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