Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TWILIGHT = equally cheesy/terrifying/hamball/scary and hilarious

              saw me some twilight baby!! 
11th floor movie theatre brownstone style with cheesy popcorn and million dollar reclining seats.

9,000 won for ticket, 4,000 won for popcorn

pretty good soundtrack. shirtless jacob.

most terrifying moments:
bella giving birth. (HOLY SHIT). bella cracking her back in half and breaking her kneecap. the cgi baby that jacob imprints on.

what stephanie meyer did right:
holy moly bella looked legitimately disgusting when her baby was eating her alive. the bony limbs and the shrunken face. ew.

hottest man on screen:

worst wedding dress:
bella's nipple triangle jester dress.

downer moment:
koreans sushing me because i was laughing/woo-hoo-ing at the nakey jacob times and the beginning scene. GOSH.

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