Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm sorry real life grandma.

the second i saw monkey today in the hallway he poked my belly and said "fat panda."......huh? it took a good 5 seconds for me to get over the belly poking and realize what he said. FAT PANDA? dah hale? this was not a one time occurrence. when the lunch ladies gave me a monstrous serving of rice, he laughed, raised his eyebrows and said it again. "fat panda." in the way that said 'maybe i said it earlier as a joke, but now, it is most definitely true and therefore sticking forever'. he sits across from me at the table and watches me. chopsticks down. chin rested on hand. i try to pick up pineapple tofu with my chopsticks (really difficult) and i fail miserably. i try a couple more times. and then he says it again. "fat paaaanda?" like oh, poor baby! fat baby panda can't use her chopsticks. so sad and pathetic. i amuse him by stuffing my cheeks to the brim with rice. han teacher gives me a weird look. things have calmed down until we are leaving the cafeteria and monkey grabs my water bottle and yells "faaaat paaandaaaaa" while running away. i give up all allusions of professionalism and yell the only insult i know in korean at him.


(korean translation: grandma.)

he runs away giggling. i obviously have lost all control.

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