Sunday, December 4, 2011

NEWEST (and quickest lived) OBSESSION.

most people don't have 7-8-9 hours of free time every night to do whatever the hell they want with. advantages of teaching in korea? well i have those hours of free time. and last week i got a little crazy. here's how it went:

taught english at school.
went home.
ate dinner.
and then read until i went to bed (on average 2-3AM) with mini breaks of apple eating and hot chocolate making.

im a total sucker for a good story, and holy hell. the hunger games brought me back to the glory days of HP where i would stay up ridiculously late reading for days on end, and not even be remotely phased.
and yes, i read all three books in 5 days. 
and no, i don't care that apparently young adult science fiction is my thang.


  1. LOVE these books! Can't wait for the movies to come out!

  2. omg. i have watched the trailer AT LEAST 10 times. :)