Monday, December 12, 2011

home base: or where i spend my time if not at school or in the city.

the best kind of korean home base will include the following:

1. sleeping bag. to keep warm all hours of the day.
2. comfortable couch. to complete all business on (lesson planning, current events updating,  trip researching, and movie watching)
3. laptop. for said business.
4. clothes drying rack. because all home bases should be multi purpose.

that said, i've got a good thing going with my little flat. it may be freezing cold and sometimes lonely, but i like it. the only thing it's missing is a personal chef. but who wouldn't want one of those? and while I've started my christmas wish list, i may as well finish it. popcorn maker. segway. lifetime supply of peanut m&ms. shag carpeting. a puppy that doesn't eat and therefore doesn't poop. a leopard printed fake fur coat. electric socks. and world peace. if any of you guys have access to any or all of these wish list items,  help a girl out!!! and thanks in advance.

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