Thursday, December 1, 2011

adorably impractical.

so there's this beautiful korean woman that works at the bank by my school. she wears this smart blue blouse and doesn't wear any makeup besides bright red lips.  i think she's gorgeous. i've had to go to the bank a couple of times (getting my bankbook, withdrawing money, paying for fedex, etc) and every single time she goes out of her way to help me and is so genuinely kind.

 i stopped by today to pay my gas bill. she was looking as good as ever. she was so adorable last time teaching me her name, (ihm wah chill 임 화 칠) which i learned is typically a man's name, and it made me like her even more. so i walked into the bank today and said "anyehhahseyo ihm wah chill" and she about died. she helped me pay my bill and then gave me her business card and circled her mobile number and put her fake hand phone to her ear mimicking a phone call. "neigh?" i busted a gut and said "NEIGH!!!"

i giggled the entire way home. she speaks about as much english as i speak korean. BUT IT WAS JUST SO SWEET! i imagined how our conversation would go over the phone.  and then i thought that maybe i could make google translate tell her what i wanted to say. but then how in the hale would i ever understand what she said back?? i guess we are doomed to being mimes together. which is totally okay with me.

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