Tuesday, December 20, 2011

little bugger.

this is how a photo shoot with monkey goes:
trying to dong shim me AGAIN. apparently never gets old for him.

10 yr old multitasking: playing nintendo and attacking teacher at the same time.

slapping my phone out of my hand. while laughing hysterically. 

 ah, my little monkey. part devil part boy. after school while i was opening my bag to get my bus money out, he spied an air head candy that my mom sent me from home. he snagged it out of my bag so fast i hardly noticed it. he then proceeded to rub it in everyone else's faces. acting all dramatic-like, pretending that it was the best candy in the world. i pulled out my phone to check the time and he grabbed that too. and ran. seriously the speedy reflexes on that kid. i pretended that i didn't care so he'd give it back and before i knew it the bus came and he gave me back the phone with a dirty little smirk on his face. i knew he had to have done something, so i checked my phone, but didn't notice anything. i headed into sokcho and by the time i got back home, it was dark. as i was walking through the parking lot to my building i saw monkey playing all by himself in the parking lot. it was pitch black out. and he was just chilling. climbing porches and throwing ice balls. he screamed when he saw me and ran up, grabbed my bag, and pulled out the fleece-lined leggings i just bought and used them as a jumprope before i could even stop him. once again, THE REFLEXES. seriously. after kicking me at least 5 times and jumping from a porch onto my back, i gave him a dirty look because he wasn't being nice anymore and left. ann-yay-gah-se-yoh hy-mon-ee. (goodbye grandma) and as I was walking away my phone rang. i picked it up and monkey answered yelling who knows what at me in korean, and then hung up. i could hear him laughing from inside the building. little bugger.

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