Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 so my girl susie asked me this question a couple of weeks ago:

"If there's one student you would've treated stricter from the beginning, who would be it and why?"

and all i can say is that most of my kids could have benefited from a bit more professionalism on my part.

1. when my kids scream my name and wave as i walk into the cafeteria, i blow kisses and they die of giggle fits.
2. my "talk dates," which are supposed to be one-on-one review sessions, have turned into speed competitions.
3. i have had multiple dance parties with my first grade girls on the school porch.
4. kids have tried multiple times to pull my pants down.
5. i have been dong-shimmed twice.
6. kids in grades 1and 2 steal my lesson planner at least twice a day and laugh when i realize it's gone and when i attempt to scold them, they laugh even harder.
7. sometimes when the food is real freaky at lunch, we pretend vomiting together.
8. when days are real hard and nobody is listening and refusing to even sit in their chairs, i play waka waka on youtube and shakira does my teaching.

real life evidence:

          (normal occurrence whenever i pull out my camera)

so my kids are kinda wild. true.
but i absolutely don't mind because 1. i created them. and 2. because things like this happen just as often:

and my heart melts. 

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