Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Welcome to heaven."

so apparently seoraksan national park only has ridiculous/crazy/outacontrol hikes. i braved the hoards of koreans this weekend and went up to the mountain again. i picked a new hike and holy moly. it was the most terrifying hike of my life. but what great adventures aren't terrifying? all the good ones are if you ask me.

i know you're probably thinking: "terrifying you say? oh kylie, what a drama queen. it couldn't be that bad. did it have hula hoops of fire that you had to jump through? wild rabid wolves that were eating hikers left and right? did it have hidden patches of quicksand? well, if the answer is no, then it couldn't have been that TERRIFYING. get over yourself."

well now that i have explained your side of the story, here's mine:

a) the craziest wind of my life. literally my hair is a giant wad of knots as i type and i even found a leaf in it on the bus ride home.
b) the before mentioned wind threatened to push me off the mountain. at least 6 times.
c) significant parts of the trails were stairs so so so steep, i used my hands on the upcoming steps to pull myself up. sounds surprisingly like a ladder, and yes, it was essentially a ladder with handrails.
d) the left and right sides of this ladder/stair contraption were often accompanied by cliffs. cliffs that were lined with sharp, pointy rocks.

the only redeeming factors are as follows:
1) after two hours of nutty uphill climbing, i met this foreigner man with a mustache to kill for (giant, white, and with curls on each side) who welcomed me to heaven, arms spread wide, mustache wiggling in the wind. it was quite majestic.
2) mustache man wasn't lying. it was uhmazing. i would be 100% okay if i went to heaven and it looked like this. :)
3) the adrenaline pumping at the peak (a 6 foot square space surrounded by rails) made the view even more spectacular.

Below is documentation that i am not a liar:
staircase one. admit it. pretty damn steep.

staircase two: EVEN STEEPER!

crahzee wind. proof.

this was a money shot. both my arms and legs were wrapped around a railing as to not get blown off the mountain in 95 mph winds. 

whoop whoop! i made it to the top! please note the hair and the flag. nice breeze going on. 

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