Monday, October 10, 2011

jimjibangs. my new love.

i'm a horrible person. 
 you know that nightmare that people have about going to school, or work or wherever naked? they're walking around wondering why everyone else is acting so weird and staring straight at them? and then, BAM. they realize they're naked. and freak out? well, I'm not immune to this cultural mores. i've had that dream before and wasn't particularly interested in getting naked in front of other people.

but korea has changed me. it's a mental game you have to play with yourself. forcing yourself to realize, okay, this is a real life reenactment of that nightmare, but everyone else is naked too! it's not so terrifying!
now, I'm not self conscious about my body, only that i am a shameless people watcher. ahhhh, i am constantly keeping that little habit of mine in check at the jimjibangs. :)

i love how comfortable the women in the bathhouses are. they are usually with friends or family, and it's just a relaxing experience for them. I've tried to take their examples to heart and holy moly, one ajuma even asked if i was korean. she said i looked so comfortable there that it must be true.
badass point +1.

(this photo is not typical of the jimjibang experience exactly. sure, you see people sleeping in the community sleeping rooms, but these lil ladies were dozing off in the lobby. so weird i didn't even feel bad about taking a photo. )

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