Sunday, October 30, 2011


 cnn review: Numerous options exist for that 'only in Korea' experience -- a half-day trip to the DMZ, a walk around the Bukchon district of traditional hanok housing -- but for a sample of how Koreans de-stress, the Four Season's Dragon Hill Spa is hard to beat. Basically a glorified jjimjilbang -- the large bathhouse-cum-saunas beloved by Koreans -- the Dragon Hill offers everything from facials to rooms aerated with crystal salts to the most punishing massage this side of Bangkok."

AKA: world famous!!!!!!!!

 based on the fact that i am beginning to consider myself a connoisseur of jimjibangs, i feel like it's reasonable to for me to say that dragon spa is one of the best spas in korea. it's 24 hours, feels fancy smancy, has placenta massages and so much more for only 12,000 won (about $12!).
slightly ghetto from the outside, but still exciting. 

romantic entrance. 

chandeliers, oh my!

lockers to keep your shoes.

AND: gem of the night. wearing around my favorite new korean accessory. princess leia/cinnamon roll bun/head wrap towel. the other koreans stare me down like a mofo, but i saw real korean people doing it on tv. it's gotta be legit then, right?

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