Monday, October 24, 2011

classiest park in korea: beautifully manicured walkways, tasteful views of the ocean, and oh yeah, some penis statues.

the anticipation was killing me. when researching korea, penis parks were springing up left and right. i'd be looking at cultural holidays and festivals and up would pop a review of a penis park. i would be researching cities around gangwon-do and towns would stand right up and use their penis parks as selling points for cultural tourism. it was too crazy to believe. i had to see one of these babies with my own eyes.

and i must say, korea didn't let me down. i was constantly thinking, "this is the most bizarre place EVER," "i cannot believe that old woman is touching that!" "what's wrong with this turtle, oh no please!!! not the turtles!!!"

of course i was participating in all the normal tourist photo-ops. 
and some ajumas were in on the action too. 

PROOF:old ajuma and her hubie.

overall, the koreans did good. not tacky or sleazy at all. if it were me, having creative control over development and design at a penis park in south korea, i would have added some pizazz. maybe 
some popsicle/hot dog stands, leopard printed employee uniforms, and maybe even some fireworks to top it off.

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