Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the GOONIES/hwanseongul cave (samcheok, SK)

at home i have kuna caves. in korea, i have hwanseongul cave. if they were people this is how i imagine them:

KUNA: she's hillbilly ghetto, but in a fun kind of way. she always wears overalls. even to weddings. you invite her over to dinner and you catch her outside making a fire pit on your lawn. despite all her oddities, you still invite her every time you go camping because she has the best stories and knows how to fish.

HWANSEONGUL: she's a korean country girl, but you swear you saw her once on the vegas strip. she's flashy, but has the personality to back it up. when go out on the town, you invite her so that you by association, are kind of a big deal.

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