Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Andong Mask Festival

when traveling alone you have a special kind of adventure. it's a lot of thinking and observing and experiencing. it's the most liberating kind of exploring i can think of.

traveling in groups is a whole different story. it's louder, has more laughs and risk-taking. 

andong was definitely a group trip. my cronies and i started off at the andong mask festival. korean festival officials noticed our giant blob of whiteys and asked us to be in the parade/dance performance. i 
like to think that they could sense my dancing skills and wanted me to introduce gilly dancing to the dance depraved korean audiences. regardless of their motives, we agreed. when one is offered a captive audience of 600 people, it's best to accept and just start dancing. 

we danced our booties off and our dance mob evolved from a bunch of foreigners gilly dancing to include korean business men, army guys carrying automatic weapons and old lady ajumas. no lie. 

the koreans loved our dancing so much they offered us a free dinner. it was delicious. 

the night then developed into korea's better version of rock paper scissors where we wagered silk worm larvae shots. also no lie. 

ajumas!!!! i love em!

susan's henna tattoo

another ajuma. :)

during the dance party.

my hell, another ajuma picture? I'm sorry.

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