Wednesday, September 28, 2011


that's right. puppies. this blog post is going to be about puppies. 

so i went to a staff dinner at the restaurant across the street from school tonight. i was sitting on the floor enjoying the delicious potato slices deep fried in pancake batter when this steaming bowl of stew was brought out and placed right in front of me. looks okay. i have gotten used to eating  A LOT of soup here, so i figured, nothing new. until i noticed the giant, hard, pointy black things that looks like burnt wood floating in the stew. i asked han teacher if the wood was added maybe for flavor? han teacher nonchalantly replies, "no that's in there so you can't smell the dog meat." say what??? number one: there is wood in my dinner. number two: why would i want to eat something that smells so bad that you have to add wood to absorb the smell?  and number three: didju just say DOG?

i asked han teacher twice. 
k: dog?
ht: yes. dog.
k: dawwguh, not duck??
ht: yes. dog.
k: like d-o-g, dog?
ht: yes. dog. woof woof.
k: (holy shit, holy shit. the day has finally come.) 

first i took a picture.
then i sat there and thought about the concept.
i nibbled on a potato cooked in dog juice.
tasted delicious.
i miss jamba.......
screw it, I'm going to try it.
slow motion for me: chop sticks reaching across the table, slowly dipping into the steaming, blubbly broth, digging for some meat and then, BAM, chop stick meats meat. 
quickly popped in mouth.
chewed with only 50% senses working (just in case it was horrible).
first thought: this tastes like chicken...another bite.... hmmm.....this is way better than i expected!
next 30 minutes: gobbling down as much dog meat as i could get my grubby little hands on.

i would probably never order dog from the menu myself.
but now know for future reference if i am stranded on a mountain pass with no food at the end of the world with my mom and my dog, i will eat my dog first.

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