Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new kiddies.

so i took pictures of all my students to help remember names. here are a couple:
monkey is 65% naughty and 35% nice. he doesn't speaks any english. but talks to me all the time. mostly when nobody else is around and i imagine all sorts of naughty/mean/hilarious things are coming out of his mouth. he rides the local bus all by himself and i see him all over goseong with his backpack and baseball hat on. 

keshi answers "batman" to almost every question i ask. 

so sweet right?

olivia with a couple of other girls in her 5th grade class memorize kpop songs and dance moves. during our talk dates, she always shows me her new routines. 

this kid is a crack up. whenever we play games in class he tries so hard to win and when he does he runs around the classroom rubbing it in other kids faces. more like winning the olypmics though and less mean. he also has a perm which i find pretty adorable. 

this little tub reminds me of the kid in UP. i wish he wore a boy scout uniform to school. :)

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  1. that first picture is epic. and olivia is so damn cute!