Friday, September 16, 2011

how old am i??

22 years old and still playing with my food!! :)

korean food: some of it is delicious. some of it freaks me out. but everything is spicy. I'm doing surprisingly well with the temperature, considering some friends are going though the ringer (either diahreaa all the time or constipation for a week.) who knew this post would turn into bathroom talk? I guess it's somewhat logical, what goes in must come out... but anyways, most restaurants are group or community/family style. you sit on the floor in front of a table that usually have grills. they cook huge portions of food right in front of you and you share it with your group or family. there are some restaurants that I'm dying to try... which means i may need to pull a 'Lars and The Real Girl' and buy myself a human sized doll to try them all out with me. now the real question is, would i rather have a bossum buddy or a boyfriend?

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