Friday, November 7, 2014

yeah, i still can't believe these are real life.

We pulled off the two lane highway onto a dirt parking lot on the side of the road. We paid 100 pesos, pulled our snorkel out of our bag and dropped our chacos and bags on the dock. Visiting cenotes had been on our itinerary for the Yucatan and the "Grand Cenote" had a pretty good ring, so we figured, why not? We walked down the stairs to the underwater cave and could hardly believe the lushness. We had tried our best to be inconspicuous tourists up until this point, but all caution was thrown to the wind and we soaked up all the excitement. We spent the first few minutes watching a Chinese mama pulling her screaming babies through the water, all four of them bloated with giant life vests, navigating the fish filled sinkhole. After strategizing, we took my gropro and headed to the quiet corner of the cave and took turns filming each other pretending to be mermaids. 

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