Wednesday, November 12, 2014

four wheels. (and a spare)

We drove back roads, wrong roads, and over a million speed bumps. We drove the wrong way on freeway entrances, we drove in circles and circles through big cities and little towns. We rode in the front seat, driver seat and on the roof. We left our GPSs at home and used paper maps and roadside directions. We argued over car names. First Blanca, then Lupe, then Rosa. We drove into the jungle on a dirt road full of potholes and got a flat tire. We drove to convenience stores and stocked up on snacks and fresca. We blasted Lake Street Drive's "I Want You Back" over and over until we could squeal every lyric. It's crazy to think that a simple car could be full of as much adventure as nuts and bolts. I guess it's the pure romance and magic of road trips. 

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