Wednesday, January 29, 2014

i know the best people.

when i think about it, my life is full of people who humor me endlessly. they smile and say, "fiiiiine, kylie. sure." when i am obnoxious and have ridiculous ideas like driving three hours just for a photoshoot, or when i ask them to pose for me in outrageous getups and laughable situations and genuinely questionable scenarios and oh so many jump shots. you know who you are and i love you for it.

speaking of some of those people i love who have graciously humored me my entire life:


  1. THIS WAS TOUCHING....really it was. Your family is wonderful!
    ALSO Thank You, Thank You very very much for my fudge fix!! Holy Cow you get major brownie points...I mean really Kylie how did you remember? I am so sorry I was not here. LIfe has been a bit crazy (you are used to that line), but really, I went to SLC to see Dead Sea Scrolls with my Mom for her birthday, and my brother just 3 years older had a stroke!!! Insanity!!! Yes, so I did come back home and it was sooo sweet to see fudge waiting at my door. I quickly unwrapped that silly plastic wrap and inhaled my comfort food. THANK YOU!! I love you and you know, I know you knew I needed that. ThAnKs!! your dixie friend :)

    1. Oh my goodness Dixie! I hope your brother is okay and recovering quickly! It's crazy that you were already up in Utah. I'm glad that the fudge came to you at a good time though. :) I love you too my Dixie friend! Also, I'm moving up to farmington in March (Ralph finally sold the building) with Heidi and Kati! I will miss Aztec so much!!