Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sometimes I come up with really weird/fantastic photo ideas.

Please ignore the fact that i have posted more photos of myself in past few weeks than ever before and focus on how good of a photographer my mother is. considering my mom sees more of my freaky faces than anyone else, she timed these shots perfectly catching non-freaky faces and you can't even tell how much of a weirdo i am. what are moms for huh?


  1. "Sometimes you come up with fantastic photo shoots"?? You mean you are a genius photographer...I want and do need your services one day!!! (I need your work all over my house!! ) I already miss you! What is New Mexico going to do without Kylie Kingbury??? What is Dixie going to do without Kylie? It's high time to get in the hills of Aztec do you hear me?

    1. DIXIE! I would LOVE to take photos for you one day!!! And Dixie, I will miss you most when I leave NM. Absolutely, positively. And you are right. We need a trip to the hills. Like the trees need sunlight!