Saturday, March 31, 2012


everything you've heard about trains in india is true. 
first day in the country, second hour in mumbai, cassidy and i were already on one. 
and of course it was a near disaster. 
we realized that we had got on the wrong train and then seconds later the train started leaving the station. 
already packed into the middle of the car, we had to push to get out in time. 
jumping out of a moving train with both a packed train and crowded train station and almost eating dirt?
great way to start an indian adventure.

other observations:
-you would think that because the trains are full of people, they would be smelly. but not at all. they were actually quite pleasant. 
-the "ladies only" cars were FANTASTIC. it was like a giant sleepover where you could just hang out with your girlfriends and paint your nails together. 
-the best thing about the lady cars? checking out all the gorrrrrgeous saris. 
-every time we got on a train someone befriended us and helped us find the right stop. so, so kind. 
-the car doors stay open so you can totally hang half outside the car if you want. slightly, okay incredibly terrifying. 

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