Friday, March 2, 2012

BALI, baby!!

 kuala lumpur, malaysia-> bali, indonesia
bali. the home of the nicest place i've ever stayed at and the most ghetto/exciting guesthouse i've ever seen.
bam! guesthouse number one: woah. i seriously stayed at this place. my buddies and i rented a whole house, which had two floors and a private courtyard. every inch that wasn't taken by beautifully crafted architecture was filled with lush gardens. holy moly, this place was beautiful. 
guesthouse number two: yes ma'am. those walls are made of woven grass and the floors are made of plywood. quaint right? who cares if there are holes in the floor, the sheets don't match, and it smells like sweat, when you're only paying $1.00 a night and it has a view like this. 

oh the places, these chacos have been. :)

bali most definitely has the cutest 5ft tall taxi drivers. 

terrifyingly beautiful.

when you meet a man in the jungle with a head wrap, red teeth and twitches, and he asks you to come with him to see secret buddhist caves. there is only one way to respond. pass your camera to your friend and say, "hells yes, crazy old man. i would love to follow you into the abyss."

bali had the coolest traditional dances. the costumes! the music!

 oh, hells yes we took hamball sunset jumping photos.  

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