Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MALAYSIA, oh yeah!

seoul, south korea -> kuala lumpur, malaysia
first stop: our layover only lasted 12 hours, but it was full of delicious foods, giant trees, and amazing colors.

                               (my traveling buddies and all our bags at the seoul airport)

(the trees!!!)

(curry and potato stuffed naan with dipping sauces!)

(rice, boiled egg, sardines, and chili sauce complimented with freshly blended fruit juice)

(was walking around the market and spotted this man who was working a stall. wearing only his boxers and some rubber boots. obviously using some alternative tactics to lure in customers.)

(what, WHAT!!!??? apparently there's a convenience store chain in kuala lumpur named after me.)

(more market adventures: big pimpin. this man was just chilling in his shop playing his drum. not like there is space to do much else.)

(the "TEKSIs"(taxis) were totally pimped out here.)

(this town was covered in graffiti. it turned me crazy because i wanted to stop and check each one out. once i started getting my feel of the city, i noticed the same name being tagged EVERYWHERE. kos. seriously every 100ft i would see their name. walls, poles, fences, you name it. i loved imagining what a badass this kid must be.)

(the malaysian ringgit)

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