Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nudie spa!!!!!!!

Another first to write in my diary. :) so this weekend I stayed at a jeejimbang ( my totally butchered phonetically spelled interpretation of the real Korean word) with my lady Susan. Five floors, hot and cold rooms, salt rooms, oak rooms, saunas and group showers just make up a small portion of the Korean nudie spa experience.

Considering I went to the nudie beach in Hawaii, I thought I would be throughly prepared for the Korean indoor version. One similarity: avoiding eye contact is always the best option. One difference: the only nudie bodies I saw in korea were old ladies.

If you noted my sweet pink shorts in the picture, I got them complementary to wear with a matching 2XL pink shirt. I felt like I was incarcerated in a really really nice prison. Lindsay lohan style. And that weird chair I'm siting on? Oh, no big deal, it's just a Korean reclining massaging leather seat. BIG SPENDER right??? Not really, cause i only paid 8,000 won!!!! ($8)

Overall: big nudie success.

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