Thursday, August 11, 2011

Homeplus: classy/badass Walmart

Went to homeplus with Susan last night. It was uhmazing. We took the taxi through jochiwon and stopped at a four floor building. K-pop music was blasting and I was immediately in love. Every. Single. Thing. Was over the top adorable. And what wasn't crazy Korean/asian characters or cutesy animals was beautiful design. The packaging on everything from milk to nail clippers was so damn good looking. I bet Susan was dying cause I kept stopping and looking at everything. I also bought a huge ass bag of can-cho. ( my favorite new sweet. Cookies with chocolate insides!!!!) 

Also had my first true blue interaction with a true blue Korean. I was trying to find the curling irons and couldn't find them for the life of me. I worked up the guys and asked a cute old lady that worked there. "awwdee" (where) and then pretended to curl my hair. It took a couple of tries but we actually figured each other out and it was great! One down twenty thousand to go. :)

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