Saturday, August 6, 2011

Asiana Airlines= the shit.

I have never been on a fancier airplane. and it started getting so ridiculous i began taking notes. Here is everything they offered me:

1. hot towel for my hands
2. slippers
3. blanket
4. pillow
5. menu for two meals
6. 4 peanut snacks
7. unlimited sodas
8. red and white wine
9. orange juice
10. two meals
11. advil for my headache

every five minutes some adorable korean lady would walk by with a tray asking if anyone wanted drinks, snacks, etc. 

i tried being adventurous and picked the korean meal offered. it had kimchi!! kinda wierd...... but okay. :)

Now, even cooler than the food, there was a touch screen movie/music player. i watched a korean movie and the translation was quite funny. ( i was able to work as a top DJ here cuz of me hard tootin' efforts!)

5,000 miles and 11.5 hours = slightly painful, but totally worth it! im in south korea baby!!!!

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