Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do this. RIGHT NOW! And then send me all your best so I can laugh for hours.

So I happened upon this WONDERFUL website. And then promptly spent the last hour and a half taking a million photos of myself. Between a couple I even had to take a minute breather, I was laughing so hard. And then, after looking at them long enough, they all started to look related. Thug families. KYLIE THUG FAMILIES! THESE COULD BE WHAT MY CHILDREN LOOK LIKE! ......I may want to rethink some things....

 Momma, Poppa, son and daughter. CLASSY.

  Estranged twins.

I don't look terrible as a man. I always knew I was meant to have facial hair....


 AAAAND, my personal favorite:
Myself reincarnated as a terrified black woman named Georgia. In her 50s. And wearing a polka dotted fancy coat.