Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The old Kylie

Ask any of my friends circa 2000, my brothers or any of cousins and they will tell you I convinced (coerced) them to participate in any number of "activities." I made them perform video skits, design modge podge magazines, choreograph roller skate routines, test out make-up tutorials, and a perform a seriously endless list of runway shows. I was a monster with a plan and a knack for bossing people around (thanks ma). I had big ideas and just knew that they would have fun once they stopped grumbling and stepped in line! Fast forward to 2016 and apparently I haven't lost that skill. I've decided that life is better when I stick with these flashes of creative genius. PLAN: follow through on at least every third idea.

My last great idea was to take advantage of another captive audience (aka: my family visiting a cabin in the woods without wifi) and grab these gems.


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I love this so much. Especially since I have been a part of many shenanigans with you. Chan and Connor look so legit with flowers in their hair! And freakin' Murphy. Stahp.

    1. BEE!!! You were a part of SO MANY RIDICULOUS SCHEMES!! (besties normally are!) and the murphy shot got me too. hes more willing to pose than some of my cousins!

  2. Wow, this should be turned in to a coffee table book.