Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ode to Cassidy Jones

My dearest and only favorite Cassidy: you humored my craziness, my incessant belting of Whitney Houston, my cheetah pants, my weirdo tendencies, my early onset Alzheimer's brain (AKA: losing me passport) and my questionable obsession with Mexican wrestlers. You let me call our trip a bestymoon and gave me the big bed with the fancy mosquito net. You even lent me your snorkel! And thats only the tip of the taco. You always reminded me to lock the car, sometimes even twice. You said it so many times it even morphed into its own word: JULOCKIT? All out of love and understanding of my forgetfulness! You sat with me forever when I just wanted to people watch and even listened to all my boring stories. You shared your magazines, your cookies and most of all your friendship. (cheeseball besties forevah) ps- thanks for coming with me. 

i can't take a normal photo. ever. 

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