Monday, July 7, 2014


 it gets really old taking photos of yourself. but when you road trip solo, it's entertaining to maneuver tripods, set self timers, and generally embarrass yourself. when i went to valles caldera a couple of weeks ago, i was wonderfully content taking weirdo selfies (exhibit a) until i was caught in the act of posing for a self-timed photo series  (my camera has a 30 second delay and takes 9 photos spaced 5 seconds apart. imagine me standing in a field changing and holding a new pose every 5 seconds. weeeeeirdo status.) by an adorable elderly couple who stopped for a bit to watch me. i tried to play it off, but it was obvious. that girl must be by herself because she's too weird for other people to handle. but like the tough girl i am, i acted like i was cool shit and looking really intently at the cow pies. i then proceeded to creepily follow that couple for the rest of the hike. from a distance of course (exhibit b). the rest are just photos that i liked. also, valles caldera is a13.7 mile wide supervolcano caldera!
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

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