Monday, October 8, 2012

The serious photos:

 Holy Moly, the ABQ balloon festival was straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Bizarre. Whimsical. I just kept thinking how beautiful the world would be if 100 years ago we decided to invest technology in balloon travel instead of cars. And what does cloud camo look like? And what do these balloon enthusiasts do for day jobs? It was fun being a tourist this weekend because I definitely wasn't the only one. It seemed for a 10 mile radius of the park everyone was running around like fools trying to get the best view of the balloons. Cars were parked only half way off the street. People were running around in pajamas. Cars were going 5 mph in a 35 mile an hour roads. And when the balloons started dropping, sailing just barely by the roofs of houses and buildings, all hell broke loose and cars started darting to follow the balloons to their landing places. Which were any flat surface. Seeing a hot air balloon land in a Target parking lot, and then a dentist's porch, and then a neighborhood street was a fantastic end to a bizarrely beautiful weekend. 

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