Monday, September 17, 2012

Lunch date.

Step one: have lunch with club members at school.
So part of my new job is spending time with my kids outside of the club, and becoming more a mentor, less a babysitter. And I worried that the kids would be weirded out and not want to hang out with me. Ew! What the hell is Kylie doing here??!?!! kind of thing. But I got why it was important, so I told myself, "The hell with it! Quit being a ninny and just bring some stinkin cookies! Then EVERYONE WILL WANT TO SEE YOU!" And needless to say, the kids loved it. They showed me around their school, their friends, etc. And it wasn't awkward at all. Sometimes, sweets make your job/life/everything easier. And it really didn't hurt when I was leaving the school and overheard one of my most tender-hearted girlies say, "Oh yeah, that's Kylie. She's really nice. And if you start coming to the Teen Center, you get to see her all the time." And my heart grew to the size of a 40lb. chocolate chip cookie.

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