Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, it's about time. My mother has been OBSESSED with Napoleon Dynamite since 2004. That's 8 stinkin years ya'll. She's got replicas of his glasses. A latex Napoleon mask. Napoleon and Pedro 12 inch figurines. She quotes the movie at least twice a week. And once even bought a 10 lb.  box of Napoleon themed magnets, pins, and other junk off of ebay.

It's shocking actually that it took us this long, but we finally got around to taking a trip to the lovely (okay, not lovely, but definitely okay) town of Preston, Idaho where the movie was filmed. Not gonna lie, we were expecting so much more. Maybe a Napoleon statue at town square, a Napoleon themed dance club, a restaurant that only sold tuna casserole and tatter tots, and hale, at least a museum! Woe unto us, by the time we finally made it into town, the hype was waaaay past gone. We were undeterred and in a truly Napoleon-esque fashion we awkwardly posed in front of thrift shops, high schools, and random houses on the side of the street. It was absolutely meant to be, and accidentally finding it on our hotel TV the night before just cemented the fact. 

    And yes, we did try to recreate the epically fantastic dance scene.


  1. Did you play any tether ball? Did you see any cows get shot? Did you buy an infinity of boondoggles? I sure wish I could have gone with you!

  2. Hey Pauline!!! We tried to play some tether ball, but the the balls were put away for the summer. LAME.
    We looked for some cows, but didn't find any. DOUBLE LAME.
    And our trip would have been infinitely better if we had found some boondoggles. TRIPLE LAME.

    It would have been a blast if you had come! We would of had to have a dance party while eating some tater tots. :)